25 Reasons Why Getting Older is Awesome

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Getting older can be scary. At least society makes it seem that way.

From the cultural obsession with youth, to the way western society seems to ignore older people, aging doesn’t have the best reputation.

Especially for people ages of 60+.

But getting older can be an awesome experience filled with many benefits, like the ones discussed below.

Benefits of Getting Older

  1. You’re still alive! While this seems like the bare minimum, it’s not a privilege everyone gets.
  2. You (hopefully) become wiser and more knowledgeable.
  3. The longer you’re alive, the more time you have to try new things and reinvent yourself.
  4. You get to meet lots of people, some of whom will become lifelong friends, others who will teach you important lessons. 
  5. You learn to understand yourself better and have more self-acceptance.
  6. You get to spend more time with people you love.
  7. After 65, you get to use seniors’ discounts.
  8. There’s a reduced sense of pressure about how life will turn out. With less worries about the future, you’ll be less stressed and more present.
  9. You’re more emotionally mature, which leads to improved relationships.
  10. You might be more financially stable. Hopefully, mortgages, student loans and other debts will be paid off. This equals less financial burden and more money to do what you want.
  11. You’re more self-confident and care less what others think about you.
  12. You’re established in your career, with the seniority and expertise to be comfortable and successful. No more worries about climbing the corporate ladder.
  13. When you retire, you finally get the chance to relax and explore.
  14. Taking care of yourself is easier. You know what’s required to ensure life goes smoothly, from exercising and maintaining mental health to doing chores and paying bills.
  15. Life becomes more meaningful. As you realize how fragile and brief life is, you learn to take full advantage of being alive. At the same time, to preserve life, you learn to take calculated risks instead of being careless.
  16. Your network is larger, so you’re more connected to others.
  17. Keeping up with trends becomes less important. You stop trying to impress others and fit in, and start embracing your true self.
  18. Social skills increase, including ability to empathize with others, brainstorm solutions and compromise.
  19. Research shows that anger decreases with age.
  20. Contrary to popular belief and media portrayal, adults in the 60 to 80 range report having excellent sex lives.
  21. If you struggle with migraines, you can expect them to reduce or go away after the age of 70.
  22. People take you more seriously.
  23. You live through more tough times. While this doesn’t sound great, successfully navigating difficulty builds resilience and coping skills.
  24. You know your limits. Whether it’s alcohol, behavior from others, or physical activities, this helps keep you safe and comfortable.
  25. You’re less willing to waste time on things that don’t matter, including unhealthy relationships.

Getting older can be incredible, and it definitely beats the alternative.

With aging comes self-acceptance, exploration, gratitude, and better relationships.

But if you’re struggling with getting older, that’s okay. There are plenty of resources available to help you cope with age-related anxiety.

Learn more about how UCA can help.


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