5 Ways a Caregiver Can Practice Caring for Themselves

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Being a caregiver is sometimes as tiring as it is rewarding. You often need advice from others and spend a great deal of time worrying and thinking of others above yourself. Because you spend so much time helping someone else, you may forget to take care of yourself as well. Here are a few tips from the United Caring Association that you can use to practice self-care.

1. Schedule Regular Appointments With a Therapist

Seeking mental health services is one of the best ways to practice self-care. Being a caregiver can be mentally draining. When you feel overwhelmed, reach out to professionals online to get help. Online therapy is a great way to get private care without traveling and spending excessive amounts on in-person services. You can choose a specialist that can offer coping mechanisms for your specific situation, and some therapists will even meet with you for free for the first time to make sure you are a match. Take the time to journal the struggles you deal with on a daily basis so you can share that with your therapist.

2. Create a Stress-Free Home Environment

Make your home a stress-free environment where you can relax away from the struggles of your day-to-day experience as a caregiver. Clutter in the home is detrimental to family dynamics and overall well-being. If your home has a clutter problem, take your time going from room to room and getting rid of things you don’t need, cleaning up along the way. Too many visuals can make you feel panicky and overstimulated. If you go for a minimalist aesthetic, let in plenty of natural light, get some house plants, and buy some cozy furniture, you’ll find renewing energy in your home.

Another great way to reduce stress in your home is to give yourself permission to ask for help from time to time. That could mean hiring a cleaning service to help you around the house or even finding a professional to help you with your yard. For instance, if you’d like to relax in your backyard – or even take up gardening – but your lawn isn’t as healthy as it should be, simply do an online search for “best lawn fertilizer service near me,” and then check the ratings and reviews to find the best deal for your area.

3. Find Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Routine

Exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of anxiety. Find ways to fit fitness into your everyday routine. You don’t have to join a gym. You can get in a good workout at home or take a yoga class a couple of times a week to take in the meditative benefits while building strength. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a walk in the morning to start your day with movement and fresh air.

4. Get Your Senior Loved One Involved in Self-Care Activities With You

Your self-care activities don’t have to exclude the person you care for to be helpful. You can take them on a walk with you during the day just to spend some time outside. Go to the park together or have lunch on a patio. Visit a museum or meet with friends together. 

5. Take a Vacation With Your Family

Research shows that spending time with your family has many health benefits, including improving mental health and reducing stress. Plan a vacation with your family so you can get some much-needed time away and recharge. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but haven’t had the time. You can schedule care for your loved one while you’re away and come back feeling rejuvenated and ready to work.

With these simple tips, you may find yourself feeling more energized, physically and emotionally. Take advantage of that feeling and start thinking about other ways you can better your life. Self-care is an evolving practice. You should consistently find new ways to improve.

United Caring Association operates and focuses full time on its mission to help currently over 170,000 members be healthier, inspire more caring acts for self, family, and community, and save through many discounts and savings benefits. Call 844-341-8222.

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