6 Excellent Ways to Inspire Action in the Community

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Community participation is key to living a healthy and holistic public life. Activities can be both formal and informal, such as volunteering, community gardening, voting in the polls, or participating in interest groups. What’s common among these community activities is that they are all done to benefit society and its group members.

To build a caring community, there must be leaders who know enough about the members and understand what motivates them to participate. Events are frequently organized for community members to meet, but it doesn’t necessarily convert to engagement. Developing strong networks are also encouraged, but there will be situations where weak ties take center stage.

How can community leaders inspire action that contributes positively to the community? Here are six methods to try out.

For the learning lovers, host a book drive.

Learning is not just for kids! Book drives are an excellent way to give books a second lease of life in the hands of members who will love them or have a better use for them. Public libraries, local shops, and schools are suitable venues since they’re accessible and frequented by many people.

For the environmental advocates, start a beach clean-up.

Pick up trash but make it fun! Large groups of people usually do beach clean-ups to emphasize cooperation. Mountains, rivers, and community gardens are also appropriate places for clean-up activities because it has a clear benefit to health and society.

For the crafty entrepreneurs, curate an art market.

Most artists nowadays have online shops because they are cheaper and easier to maintain. Inspiring action within the community can begin by organizing fun events with arts and music. Not only will the artists be better for it, but the community members will also make memories that can add to the improvement of their quality of life.

For the unemployed, organize a job fair.

It is usually the responsibility of the local municipality to organize job fairs. While businesses often put up store signs to signify hiring, communities can become more inclusive when they standardize fair hiring practices. To get started, it can be as simple as an online community group or a mentorship program for the youth.

For the professionals, create a volunteering group.

Some members will be so busy at work that they won’t have time to participate in community activities. Studies show that volunteering can give a mental boost and improve an employee’s work-life balance, so companies have started offering a “volunteer time off” policy for their staff. Communities should utilize this opportunity by matching charities and nonprofits with volunteers.

For the kids, have a toy bank.

As kids in the community grow older, they may have outgrown their toys and play sets. An alternative to throwing them in the recycling bin is donating since others can still enjoy pre-loved toys. Having a toy bank can help instill a culture of giving from kids and within families in the community.

Different communities will have different needs. However, all communities will require participants to build trust among the members. Creating opportunities that inspire action will surely reap long-term benefits for the community and society.

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