Easy 14-Day Self-Care Challenge

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Self-care is hard.

Knowing where and how to start can be so challenging that we give up before we begin.

Today, to keep things simple, we’ll discuss an easy 14-day self-care challenge.

It’s long enough to get into the rhythm of self-care, without being an overwhelming time commitment.

It covers all aspects of self-care, including mental, emotional, social, practical, and spiritual.

Day 1: Go for a 20 Minute Walk

Walking is a great way to improve cardiovascular health and body strength. It protects joints, boosts the immune system, and may even reduce cravings for sugar.

Day 2: Do a Mentally Stimulating Activity

Activities that challenge us may help strengthen the brain and protect it from age-related memory problems. Things like puzzles, games, and vocabulary building require us to use multiple skills, like visual acuity, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving.

Day 3: Declutter

Excess clutter can cause stress and anxiety. We may feel overwhelmed by the mess, or it may be causing conflict with other household members.

Tidying is a quick way to reduce this tension and makes our environment more comfortable (and possibly hygienic).

Day 4: Cook a New Healthy Recipe

Trying new nutritious recipes is a good way to challenge ourselves, and potentially add a well-balanced staple to our mealtime rotation. 

Day 5: Laugh

When we laugh, we take in a lot of fresh oxygen for our blood. Our brain also releases endorphins, which make us feel good. Laughing can reduce blood pressure and relax muscles, which makes us calm and happy. Whether it’s a comedy show, a funny movie, or joking around with family, laughing puts us in a good mood.

Day 6: Meet a Friend for Coffee

We’re social creatures by nature, some of us more than others. Regardless, we all need friends to talk to, support us and make life feel meaningful.

Hanging out with a friend, especially if we haven’t seen them in a while, helps us feel more socially connected

Day 7: Stretch for 10 Minutes in the Morning

Stretching helps our muscles stay flexible and increases our joint range of motion. This helps prevent injuries and allows us to do daily activities.

Day 8: Write a Self-Reflection Journal

Self-reflection helps us create a better, more aware version of ourselves. We can journal about the events of the day, how they made us feel, how we responded, and how we can respond better next time.

Day 9: Drink at Least 2 Liters of Water

Water is responsible for many bodily functions, like body temperature and cell health. This is why dehydration can be a serious problem. We should try to get at least 8 cups (2L) of water daily, if not more.

Day 10: Say a Positive Self Affirmation

Positive affirmations are kind, encouraging statements we say to ourselves. They help reinforce belief in self and make us reflect on our self-worth.

An affirmation can be anything we need to hear, e.g., “I’m capable of doing difficult things.” or “I’m enough just the way I am.” We can repeat this throughout the day.

Day 11: Spend Time Doing a Favorite Hobby

Doing what we enjoy brings a sense of engagement, happiness, and stress relief.

Day 12: Express Gratitude to a Loved One

Gratitude helps us acknowledge the positives in our present lives, instead of dwelling on what’s lacking. Expressing appreciation for loved ones helps strengthen our relationships, and brings joy to others.

Day 13: Volunteer

Volunteering helps us create strong ties to our community, meet like-minded people, help others, and feel a sense of purpose.

Day 14: Make an Appointment with a Therapist

Therapy isn’t just for people who are experiencing hardship; we can all benefit from it. Everyone has room for improvement. A good therapist can help us explore our emotions, set goals, and communicate better.

Try this 14-day self-care challenge. Better wellbeing awaits!

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