Friendship Line- A Caring Ear for the Elderly

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Affecting a significant number (about one-third) of the elderly, loneliness and social isolation can put us at risk of serious health problems. We can take certain measures to cope with the loneliness of the elderly, and among those, “Friendship Line” is the most accredited crisis line available for the elderly.

Here we’ll discuss how we can use this hotline and its benefits.

What is a Friendship line?

Friendship line is a 24-hour crisis line that provides emotional support to people aged 60 years or older. It was an initiative taken by the Institute of Aging under the American Association of Suicidology accreditation to ensure the good mental health of the elderly.

How can we use this platform in our old age?

We just need to dial a toll-free number 800-971-0016 on our phone to get emotional support to cope with depression, social isolation, loneliness, etc., in the elderly.

In response, a trained volunteer may enquire about the issue we’re facing. Next, a friendly conversation usually starts with the volunteer. These volunteers are trained in active listening and providing emotional support over the telephone.

We can also make a referral by either dialing 415-750-4111 or filling out the online Friendship line intake form. Moreover, the friendship line also arranges outreach calls to lonely, depressed, and frail elders.

Support Services of Friendship Line

Generally, the Friendship line provides the following services to elders

  • Emotional support to cope with the agitation, hopelessness, personality changes, and other psychobehavioral problems of the elderly.
  • Elder abuse reporting protects older adults from any kind of physical or mental abuse from anyone.
  • Wellbeing checks to ensure the good mental and physical health of the elderly.
  • Active suicide intervention to prevent any type of self-harm by the elderly. Older people are often reluctant to contact traditional suicide prevention services; that’s why Friendship line regularly makes outreach calls to lonely elders.
  • Information and referrals for isolated older adults to create a system in which socially isolated elders are provided an opportunity to be socially connected again.

Charges of Friendship Line

Friendship Line is completely free-of-cost and doesn’t charge anything for specialized emotional and psychological support.

The Motto of Friendship Line

The friendship Line provides a caring ear to us while we’re in our old age. Under the motto of “sometimes the road to happiness begins by simply saying hello to someone who cares,” this service can be used by any elder individual trying to cope with feelings of loneliness, depression, or social isolation.


We may face social isolation or experience loneliness in our old age. The Institute of Aging has established the Friendship line to cope with these feelings. This hotline provides emotional support, wellbeing checks, suicide intervention, and elder abuse report mechanism to ensure our safety and healthy mental status in old age.

Friendship Line is 24-hour available free of cost just by dialing 800-971-0016.

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