Global Reforestation News Roundup: October 2022

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Mining, logging, natural disasters, disease, and drought can damage forests. Reforestation helps offset these disturbances.

Trees help filter air and water, prevent landslides and floods, strengthen soil, and keep the earth cool. They also provide homes and food for many animals.

Without healthy trees, our ecosystem is unbalanced and in danger.

Fortunately, many governments and organizations recognize this, and are taking action.

Here are some of the latest reforestation efforts around the globe for October 2022.

Milwaukee Kicks Off Reforestation & Wetland Restoration Program

Milwaukee Sewerage District and Ducks Unlimited have partnered to combat climate change in southeastern Milwaukee.

Their Reforestation & Wetland Restoration Program will restore 57 acres of agricultural land to its pre-farmed state.

The goal is to plant 70,000 trees and restore 10 acres of wetlands by next year. Over the next decade, the project aims to plant six million trees and restore 4000 acres of wetlands. A significant amount of prairie land and pollinator habitats will also be restored.

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Donates $1.3million to Flash Forest

Canada 2 Billion Trees reforestation commitment aims to plant two billion trees over the coming decade. To recruit help to their cause, the government has given $1.3million to Flash Forest.

The Mississauga-based tech startup uses drones and computer mapping to plant trees and monitor growth. The target areas are those where trees have been cut down, or damaged by forest fires.

Flash Forest claims their method makes planting trees 10 times faster. Their company goal? To plant one billion trees by 2028.

Forestami to Plant a Tree for Every Citizen in Milan, Italy

Forestami is a project promoted by the Metropolitan City of Milan. The goal is to plant three million trees – one for each resident – by 2030.

The project is based on scientific research from the Polytechnic University of Milan, and urban forestry best practices.

The goal is to make nature a central part of urban life, and improve the environment and citizen well-being.

BPI Foundation Pledges to Reforest 171 Hectares in Philippines

BPI Foundation, the social development branch of the Bank of the Philippines Islands, plans to plant 136,800 trees over 171 hectares.

The project, called Lakbay Luntian – Visaya, is a collaboration with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. One to Tree program.  It will target Dumanjug municipality, in Cebu province.

It aims to protect the rainforest and population. By recruiting help from community partners to plant native species, the project strengthens the existing ecosystem and economy.

US Forestry Leaders Have Major Funding for Reforestation Efforts

Ample climate actions packages from President Joe Biden have left reforestation experts with more funding than they know what to do with.

Billions of dollars in funding will help correct loss of forest from wildfires, drought, disease and harvesting. It will be divided between federal agencies, tribes, states, and private landowners. 

The American Forests and Nature Conservancy organizations estimate a total of 130 million acres in the US that can be reforested.

Now, leaders are tasked with distributing the funds, figuring out where the seeds will come from, and finding work amid labor shortages.


Trees play a critical role in our environment and health; they keep our ecosystem balanced.

And there are often tons of local opportunities to help out. So get involved, get planting, and protect the planet!

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