How Can Animals Help to Reduce Stress?

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Animal lovers will have various reasons why they love caring for animals. Whether it’s a pet at home or creatures they encounter on the job, humans learn more about animals by spending time with them.

Studies have shown that human-animal interaction can decrease stress-related hormones and help lower blood pressure. According to the National Institutes of Health, researchers also question how animals interact with children, terminally ill patients, and adults with chronic pain.

The Power of Pets

There are physical and mental health benefits to owning a pet. Dogs, in particular, can perceive spoken and demonstrated language, which is why they’re so named as man’s best friend.

Caring for pets also reduces the feeling of loneliness. For example, cats are known to be significant indoor pets. In a society with an increasing number of single households, cats provide that sense of companionship, especially for older adults.

What if a prospective pet owner discovers they are allergic to dogs and cats? Other kinds of animals are also known to be mood boosters, such as rabbits, birds, fish, and turtles. The power of pets isn’t in their species but the effect that they can lower anxiety and calm the senses when we feel their presence.

Overcoming Fears

Fear is a well-known inducer of stress. Whether it’s zoophobia (fear of animals), acrophobia (fear of heights), or thalassophobia (fear of deep water), fear causes stress, and our bodies will do whatever it takes to avoid them.

Fortunately, animals also exist in most places where we develop our fears. Therefore, they can also help to overcome them. Bringing pet dogs to a hike is a great way to encourage physical exercise and get used to being in high altitudes. Encountering dolphins, sea lions, or manta rays are all excellent reasons to start a scuba diving hobby. Bird watching for introverts is also a perfect way to meet other enthusiasts, making it a social activity that doesn’t require big crowds and noisy environments.

Unconditional Love

The joy of sharing mutual feelings with others is best felt with a lover – animals included. Pets will have different temperaments, but through time, the pleasure of experiencing the bond and connection with animals will also be the same experience as the feeling of unconditional love from a family member or a childhood friend.

Caring for an animal in a rescue shelter or a sanctuary can make us feel needed and appreciated. It takes the focus away from our problems and can leave us feeling responsible for someone else. Touch and movement release healthy stress and form the foundation of healthy human-animal interaction.

Having Fun

If seeing animals is a good stress reliever, then there should be no pressure over owning pets if it’s not physically impossible. There are millions of animal videos online that are popular for being funny, cute, clever, or simply adorable. The key idea is to find an effective way to improve our life while boosting our mind and heart health.


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