Losing Your Pet is Scary

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Losing Your Pet is Scary. Find Them Faster with Virtual Leash by Dog Tag Art.

Pets are your adventure pals, alarm clocks, and fondest childhood memories. They give you unconditional love when you need it most, and never judge you, even on your worst days.

They’re more than just animals, they’re a part of your family.

So when pets get lost, you feel worried, scared, and unsure if you’ll ever see them again. No more silly antics trips to the dog park or couch cuddles.

Dog Tag Art helps reunite you with your pet quickly, so you never have to imagine life without your best friend.

Step 1: Choose from 100+ durable, artist-designed collar tags, or customize one from scratch, so it’s as unique as your pet is.

Step 2: Pair it with Virtual Leash, which lets you create a unique online profile for your pet.

Add unlimited emergency contacts, health information, and addresses, and easily update their profile when details change.

Your pet’s personal website address is printed on their tag, so whoever finds them can notify you immediately, and know-how to care for them until you’re reunited.

With the click of a button, you and your emergency contacts get texts, emails, and automated calls, so you can get your pet home ASAP.

UCA members get 10% off all tags and accessories by using code “UNIFIED” at checkout

Become a UCA member today and protect your pets.

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