Moving is Stressful

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Moving is Stressful. Imagine Feeling Less Stressed and More Excited About Your New Home. Try PODS.

Moving is rated the number one stressful life event for Americans. It ranks even higher than divorce and having children!

And for good reason.

Moving means endless hours of sorting and packing, and loading/unloading a truck (or two), heavy lifting included.

It’s like a workout you don’t want, where at least one of your valuables inevitably breaks.

Plus, unpacking takes 182 days on average, leaving your new home an endless sea of cardboard boxes.

That’s why UCA has teamed up with PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) to make your next move as easy as possible.

PODS delivers a durable steel frame shipping container directly to your driveway.

The ramp-free, ground-level container design makes loading safe and easy, so you avoid injuries that’ll slow you down.

Load it at your own pace. Keep it for as long as you want.

Unlike traditional moving truck rentals, you don’t have to rush to load all your stuff in one day.

Whether it takes 3 days or 3 months, the monthly flat fee means no daily billing or mileage tracking is required.

The shipping container’s weather-resistant, lock-and-key construction ensures your belongings stay safe and secure.

And when you’re done loading it, PODS will move the container to your new house, so you don’t have to spend extra money for movers or a rental truck.

Whether you’re moving to a different neighborhood or a new city, PODS has you covered in 46 states.

Not moving into your new place immediately? PODS can store your container at their secure facility until you need it. You can access it anytime.

Want to completely avoid the hassle of moving your stuff? PODS will connect you with their network of relocation providers.

Get everything from a casual helper for light lifting, to full-service packing and loading/unloading.

You can customize your services for an effortless moving experience that suits your needs.

Make moving the exciting new chapter of your life that it should be.

Sign up for a UCA membership to save 10% on PODS and move, worry-free.

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