Sick of Living in the Shadow of Medical Debt? Try Medical Bill Negotiation to Regain Your Power Over Health Care Costs

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The nationwide medical debt is an estimated $81 to $140 billion.

Financial limitations, lack of insurance, high deductibles, and visits to out-of-network providers have left 50% of the population in debt.

Yet, many people never try to negotiate their medical bills.

Don’t be one of them.

By becoming a UCA member, you get access to discounted medical debt negotiation services with Medical Cost Advocate.

A highly skilled negotiator will work with your provider to reduce charges or extend payment terms.

Feel confident knowing you don’t have to navigate the medical system alone.

To qualify, you need $2500 or more in outstanding medical fees (after insurance payout).

You pay zero upfront costs and are only charged if savings are successfully negotiated.

UCA members save 5% on Medical Cost Advocate services (you’ll pay 30% of the total negotiated savings).

Get affordable service from knowledgeable people who put your best interest first.

Sign up to become a UCA member and say goodbye to medical debt.


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