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Harmony Over Balance

We all know someone who actively seeks more balance in their life. Whether it be a work-life-balance or just a balanced diet. No matter the type of balance one seeks to find, the motive behind it remains similar; we want outcomes that leave us with the feelings of well-being and a sense of peace. It’s important to us because living out of equilibrium can make us feel edgy, overwhelmed, and stressed.

The Hard Truth

According to a survey done by Gallup, the United States is among the top 10 most stressed out countries in the world. Is it any surprise when we juggle so much in our lives? The definition of balance is an equal distribution of weight or an amount. Trying to equally distribute our time between work, home life, friends, family, entertainment, self-care, and so-on is ludicrous!

The cold facts are that finding a balance between it all is a myth for many of us. It’s something that is a fairy tale unless we have complete time freedom or are retired. So the real question is… if living a balanced life is unattainable for most of us, then what actually is attainable?

harmony over balance

The Light at The End of the Tunnel

The great news is we can seek and obtain harmony in our lives, no matter at what stage we find ourselves. A pleasing arrangement of parts defines harmony. When we focus on arranging the moving parts of our lives into a sequence that feels good to us, that is harmony.

The disconcerting aspect of harmony is that it forces us to question if the time we spend doing something is in alignment. For example, if we hate our jobs and spend the majority of our time there, the time we do have off, we’ll spend thinking about how much we dread going back. That will eat up the quality time to have for things we love or people we love. It will cause us to not fully be in the moments as they occur. This is why many people who seek a work life balance fail.

Sometimes changes need to be made so we can experience harmony. It’s not about equally spreading our time; it’s about creating a life we are more aligned with. This way no matter what we are doing or how much time we spend doing it, it doesn’t feel draining.

We all are invited to think of the areas of our lives that bring the most disharmony. Then ask ourselves, what can we do to get back on track? Remember, its’ all about harmony over balance.

By Mona Nyree Stephens, contributing author

We invite you to discover inspiring and effective ways to care for yourself and to serve others.  Now more than ever, caring is what we all need most. Caring for our self.  Caring for others around us.  Life now demands caring, resilience and compassion like never before.  So, become a Custodian of the Caring Movement and help create the world we need right now, the world we want for our future generations.

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Starting Steps to Self-Care


At Unified Caring Association (UCA), we value taking care of each other. But where does this all start? We once blogged about how “It All Starts With Self-Care.” And UCA members have access to many tools that help with just this! One of these tools is the Self-Care Assessment! This is an easy, quick assessment that you take at any time anywhere as often as you want to check in with how you are doing.

What to expect while taking this assessment?

After making sure you have 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted time, you will see five charts that cover the key areas to score yourself on self-care: Body, Mind, Emotion, Work, Social/Family. Each of the sections has five questions that you rate your own activity levels from 1 to 5, one being “it never occured to me” and five being “frequently.” Just like the example from the body section of the assessment below.

self-assessment example

Once you have your ‘score’ you can see the areas that would help you improve your self-care, starting you on a path to self-care success!

The next section asks you to “choose the 3 most important statements to improve right now. What is you plan to improve each?” And finally a spot to name a friend, family member, or someone you trust to be your accountability partner. This allows for a well formed plan of action to assist in holding you responsible for your self-care plan. 

Should the assessment be retaken?

Yes is the simplest answer. Because we are always growing, changing and life around us is ever shifting, this assessment can apply at most times of our lives. We recently were told about a member’s journey. This member had an initial low score, then retook her assessment two months later, and had a score that was 4x times better! The main thing to remember is to continue to move forward with your self-care, even if there are areas that you are taking baby-steps in. Once we heard a saying, “Progress, not perfection.” This is so true for self-care. The goal is the progress in improving and maintaining your self-care.

Will I struggle?

There are many times we struggle with our goals. This is why there is plan and someone your trust to help hold you accountable. UCA also has tools to help! Unified Caring Association has Nutrition and Fitness tools, Meditation and Mindfulness recordings and videos, as well as a 24 hour counseling hotline!

Results will show as you grow!

As you continue on your self-care journey you will begin to see results. The consistency in practicing your personal well-being plan will yield results that grow just like when we nurture a seed.

Self-care is like nurturing a seed and watching it grow.
Self-care is like nurturing a seed and watching it grow.

We are excited to see and hear about our UCA members success. We are happy to be able to provide tools and resources like the self assessment to do so! If you would like to read more blogs on caring action, caring the UCA way, or about UCA we have more information available. Also, we can be found on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter for a bit of caring sprinkled in your day!