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UCA Provides Inspiration to Homeless and Trafficked Youth


The C in our C.A.R.E. program stands for children. So when we learned about the caring work Covenant House does to support homeless and trafficked youth, we knew we needed to offer our support. Our first project with Covenant House was to provide a scholarship opportunity for their northern California clients. It was a wonderful experience for both the youth and our judges!  In fact, it was such a great experience, that we decided to offer another scholarship. This scholarship is for the Hollywood California Covenant House Youth – also a wonderful experience. You can read the scholarship award winning essays of from these scholarship contests here: and

After having become familiar with Covenant House through our scholarship program, we wanted to expand our support to their caring program by providing inspiration to their residential clients. We learned that the clients entering the program come into the program with very few possessions. Often they just have what they can carry on the streets. They are often scared, hardened or jaded by their experiences on the streets and are in desperate need of encouraging words and inspiration.  Our team decided to give each client a small caring gift of inspirational daily messages to welcome them into the residential program. Decks of inspirational daily messages were sent off to Hollywood California Covenant House clients, and they were received with joy. Our warmest wishes go out to the youth of Covenant House.

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