Your Choice: Underutilized

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Your mind makes thousands of decisions for you every day. But, you are unconscious of nearly all of these choices. Meet your underutilized power to choose.

We are always free to choose our relationships, work, volunteering and education, a place to make a home, purchases and so much more.

In a time of such great freedom of choice, it is confusing why we choose indecision so often. Rather than seeing the pattern of situations that have the same lesson to learn — the same decisions to make time and time again — it is too easy to unconsciously continue that pattern. Worse, many feel like a victim of the pattern they themselves are creating through indecision.

Each of us is presented with opportunities to choose another way. There are moments in the day when we might just become aware that a choice to go one way or the other will have consequences in our life. Thinking about the consequences, we might even be able to imagine the effects that our choice in either of the directions would cause. Most often, the decision is not made, delayed, rationalized or simply forgotten. That is until the next opportunity arises to make the same decision dressed up a little differently this time.

Indecision is Postponing What We Know is Right

“Make no mistake, indecision is still a decision.” ~ unknown

The wonder of our brain is that it allows us to function in a complex rapidly changing world. We are able to navigate a constant stream of stimuli, reactions and messages with amazing ease. Our brain enables our mind to be free to imagine and choose. But, it is our heart that enables us to feel our choices even before we would make them. Trying on possible choices through imagining and feeling them is profoundly powerful. It is a unique gift of power to consciously create what we want or need through choice. A single choice can cause a cascade of change. And yet, this single greatest power of a human being consciously choosing is. for the most part, unused. Why? Is it…

  • Avoidance of pain?
  • Needing that “never again” moment?
  • Ego keeping us “safe” by staying in the same pattern rather than risking a change that may be worse (even if the current pattern is awful)?
  • Being disconnected from our feelings in a desensitized world?
  • Lack of passion, purpose or drive?
  • Entitlement trap where it seems easier to become dependent on someone or something we place above us and then expect support, attention or hand-outs?
  • Fear alone that holds us back from using our power of choice?
which will you choose? red pill or blue pill

We Admire People Who Make Decisions

What we admire is the power of others’ choices. We love the stories of how they arrived at that very moment of profound choice. We love to know the full story, the long chain of effects, caused by that moment of choice. The courage to choose boldly is the stuff of heroes. Really, we are admiring what each of us has as the potential to make our own life-changing bold decisions.

Who Should We Admire?

The employer who can fire you… or the employee who can leave the job?
The parent who says “no”… or the child who can carry on?
The person who complains loudly… or the person who listens and then explains the choice they make?
The victim who wants others to solve it… or the one who chooses to act?

The passive, unconscious, pleasure and safety-seeking people we all can be are giving up our power to choose. The power is with those who will stand up, pause reactions, work through a painful pattern and seek a meaningful life. This power has NOTHING to do with being famous, spectacular or the best of anything. This power of choice only has to do with what is inside us.

We are responsible for our in-decisions just as much as our decisions. We can consciously and actively take our power to experience a really cool, caring, exciting, regret-free and fulfilling life that we create every day. By Choice.

You are Far More Powerful than You Know

The greatest expression of your power is your choice. And that kind of expression is probably underutilized.

“We are our choices.” ~ J.P. Sartre

Choose to go for the opportunity to be everything you dream. Choose to speak your truth. Choose to make change not in anger but calm, determined action. Choose and never give up your power. Choose and learn. Choose and choose again.

Begin by appreciating your power of choice. Under-appreciating yourself helps no one and accomplishes no thing.

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