3 Reasons Why Pet Wellness Plans are Important

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Living on a prayer with your pet? Thinking about getting a pet? Scared of the possible financial burden your furry family member may bring? Fear not, there is a plan for that.

Saving money feels good and puppies are cute; these are facts. It’s also true that you can use Pet Insurance and Pet Wellness plans to help save money. Good news: getting set up with coverage is easier and more affordable than ever before!  Even better news: UCA members get 15% off Pet Wellness plans!

First Things First

What is Pet Insurance? What is Pet Wellness? And What on Earth is the Difference? (yes, there is a difference!)

  • Pet Wellness reimburses you for everyday and routine care expenses (vaccines, exam fees, grooming, even flea and heartworm meds). In other words, these are your expected expenses. You’re a responsible pet parent, so they happen every year.
  • Pet Insurance reimburses you for unexpected emergency expenses (surgeries, cancer treatment, broken bones). Stuff happens, and you may need coverage for that.

Pet insurance gets a bad rep. People don’t think it’s worth it because it doesn’t cover the things you actually regularly spend money on for your pet like vaccines, grooming, or those pesky exam fees.

Let’s Reduce the Bite on the Pocketbook

Keeping your pet healthy used to mean going to the grocery store for kibble and taking them to the vet only when they were sick. But these days, pets are our children — and those kids are getting annual checkups no matter what.

A checkup sounds simple and cheap, but a routine vet visit will run you anywhere between $200 to $400 depending on where you live. Based on over 19,000 claims, Wagmo estimates that the average wellness visit is over $260!

When you layer in the cost of that flea, tick, and heartworm medication – plus grooming and any other extras (trust us, DIY gland expression is NOT fun), you’re looking at over $700 each year on routine care — just for the bare minimum. It’s not always easy to scrounge up an extra $700, so that’s where a Wellness plan comes to the rescue.

Why Wagmo?

There are a few breeds of wellness plan on the market. So, luckily you have a lot of options to choose from! But, UCA chose Wagmo for its members.  Beyond being innovative and fun to work with, there are three things that differentiate Wagmo Pet Wellness plans:

1. Every provider accepts them!

Like pet insurance, pet wellness is done on a reimbursement basis. People like to pick favorites, and you shouldn’t have to leave a vet or groomer that you trust once you find them. With a Wellness plan, you can pick the vet/groomer of your choice and submit a picture of your bill for reimbursement.

2. You get your cash back in 24 hours!

One great thing about a Wellness plan with Wagmo is that you will get reimbursed within 24 hours! Nobody wants to be waiting around to get their money back when they could be using it for other things (you know, like for toys and treats!).

3. There is NO waiting period for Pet Wellness protection

Unlike Pet Insurance, your protection starts the very moment you join Wagmo. You could literally be standing at the checkout line of your local pet store and that flea and tick medicine you were about to purchase would be covered, just like it should be.

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Getting Started is Easy

Think of your expenses as a pet parent like a wave: there are low points where you won’t have to pay much and the waters are tranquil, but there are also points where you have a vet visit, the wave heightens, and you end up with a huge bill. Pet Insurance and Wellness plans help to calm the swell and flatten the curve, ultimately saving you money so you can sail smoothly.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out a sneak peek of how easy it works.

A Dynamic Duo of Wellness + Insurance

Using a Pet Wellness and Pet Insurance plan as a team will likely save you the most money and give you the most peace of mind. Combined, these plans should cover all the essentials and more. That’s why Wagmo likes to call it a dynamic duo — the savings truly can’t be beat!

Hopefully, a Pet Wellness plan will let you focus more on your furry friend, and less on your pet-related expenses. And with membership in Unified Caring Association you receive 15% exclusive discount on Wagmo Wellness plans!

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