7 Self-Help Books for Seniors: Wisdom for Successful Aging

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Getting older is scary. Or at least we’re told it should be.

And the fear makes sense.

Our society doesn’t always value older adults. Plus, we may worry about health problems, loss of independence, and financial insecurity.

All valid concerns.

But the thought of aging doesn’t need to be terrifying.

There are many great resources to help us maximize our later years, including the seven (7) self-help books for seniors we’re talking about today.

1. Getting Old Without Getting Anxious by Dr. Peter Rabins and Lynn Lauber

6.8 million adults in the US struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. For some people, it’s severe enough to impact daily routines. However, less than 50% of people get treatment.

In this book, geriatric psychologist Dr. Peter Rabins explains how anxiety affects us in our later years. We’ll learn how to recognize it, and explore potential causes and treatments.

2. The Book About Getting Older (for people who don’t want to talk about it) by Dr. Lucy Pollock

With age comes change, some of which we’d rather not discuss. But to live long, healthy lives, hard conversations may be required. This book for seniors and caregivers takes a lighthearted approach to important questions and uncomfortable truths of aging.

Dr. Lucy Pollock, who specializes in elderly care, teaches us about navigating medical care, independence versus self-endangerment, and more.

3. From Age-Ing to Sage-Ing: A Revolutionary Approach to Growing Older by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Ronald S. Miller

Like many of us, Rabbi Schachter-Shalomi struggled with worries about aging. His search for answers led him far and wide, from a vision quest in the forest to a meeting with Buddhist teachers. 

Using psychological and neurological-back research, he used his knowledge to create a guide to meaningful aging. This book encourages us to build our individual aging process, filled with hope and joy rather than anxiety.

4. The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully by Joan Chittister

In this book, Benedictine nun Joan Chittister details the ups and downs of aging. She acknowledges that it can be scary while stating the importance and fun of getting older.

Chittister encourages us to be intentional about the process by staying involved in life, focusing on our overall health, and practicing gratitude.

5. How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won’t Get from Your Financial Advisor by Ernie J Zelinsk

It’s no secret that we need money for a comfortable retirement. And while career coach Ernie Zelinsk agrees, he doesn’t think it’s the only key to a happy retirement.

He emphasizes the importance of creating a retirement plan that fits our dreams, instead of blindly following someone else’s singular goal of growing wealthy.

He prompts us to think about where we want to live, what we’d like to do, and what it’ll take to get there.

6. Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being by Dr. Andrew Weil

Celebrity doctor Andrew Weil takes a straight-forwarded approach to healthy aging. We’ll learn how to eat well, manage stress, and separate fact from fiction when it comes to anti-aging claims.

After reading, we’ll have a clear understanding of the aging process, and how to stay healthy.

7. Aging Wisely: Facing Emotional Challenges from 50 to 85+ Years by Viola Mecke

In this book, clinical psychologist Dr. Viola Mecke walks us through the stages of older adulthood.

She outlines potential experiences and challenges, and the resulting emotions. We’ll learn what to expect, like loneliness, self-doubt, and sadness, and how to cope.


Knowledge is the key to vitality. By equipping ourselves with information about successful aging, we can live joyful, productive lives for a long time.

Want more resources for seniors? Click here to learn how UCA supports healthy aging.



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