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Unified Caring Association’s Women Wishing Women Well clothing collection uses all proceeds from the sales to support women.  If an article of clothing remains in the store for 8 weeks, UCA donates the clothing article to women who are in challenging situations. Some examples of these situations are domestic violence, abandonment, fires, earthquakes and floods.

This month, our program was pleased to donate 3 full boxes of high-end women’s clothing to the Women Giving Back (WGB) charity in Sterling, Virginia. They were especially excited to receive the many plus sized garments that we sent, as they are often difficult to source.

WGB is a nonprofit clothing boutique providing a dignified shopping experience for at-risk women & children at no cost. WGB collects and distributes new or like-new clothing to women and children in Northern Virginia who are in transition or crisis. Working with the local shelters and care providers, WGB holds a monthly “store” on the second Saturday of every month to help these women and their children. UCA is happy to support the caring work of WGB.

We also donated 12 garments from our store to Choices, a smaller resource group for women in crisis in Mt. Shasta, CA.   Choices is a non-profit organization that helps to infuse real hope and real help into the lives of women, men, mamas, daddies, grandparents, their little ones and families in our local communities. Thanks for your caring work, Choices!

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