Planning Healthy Meals Takes Time. Imagine Doing It in 15 minutes. MealEasy’s Got You Covered.

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After the daily grind, planning a well-balanced meal can feel like a time-sucking chore.

We get it.

But since you can’t survive off-dry cereal and coffee, using MealEasy can help.

Make food that’ll keep you healthy and strong, no matter your dietary needs. Select from six nutritious plans, like heart-healthy, diabetes-friendly, and vegetarian.

MealEasy has 11 international cuisine options and 2000+ recipes to choose from, so you’ll never get bored.

Plan up to 7 days of meals in just 15 minutes and avoid weeknight stress.

Take control of your time with recipes ready in 45 minutes or less. All meals are taste and time-tested by our executive chef, so you never have to sacrifice flavor for convenience again.

Choose serving size, calories, foods to avoid, and grocery budget. You can even get wine-pairing suggestions!

Create personalized meals that fit your lifestyle, no matter who you’re cooking for.

With pre-made grocery lists and step-by-step recipe instructions, shopping and meal prep are super easy. Get what you need and get food on the table, fast.

Become a UCA member and get up to 50% off a MealEasy subscription.

Join now to start making quick, healthy meals. Stress-free.

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