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A Hero Spreads Holiday Caring to Fire Victims


The Camp Fire

When the news of the Camp Fire reached the Unified Caring Association (UCA) office our team was hopeful. We hoped that the fire would be quickly controlled. Our prayers went out to all humans and animals that they would escape the fires unharmed. And we sent our caring to fire victims. We were devastated to hear that the entire city of Paradise, California was incinerated. The news reported 18,793 structures were destroyed, and that the fire had spared nothing, leaving total devastation. Our hearts were broken, and we wondered how the survivors could go on. UCA reached out to various agencies in hope of finding a meaningful way to help. Understandably, emergency agencies were over-burdened with phone calls. Many lacked the manpower to handle the donations they were receiving. Luckily, our fearless team member Luna kept at it! She was determined to make sure that UCA extended our caring to fire victims. So, she kept making calls. Eventually, Luna made a connection with a wonderful woman named Nanette, and magic happened!

A Caring Hero

Nanette is a caring hero for many reasons. She runs a non-profit unrelated to the fire effort to begin with! Nanette had heard that her friend, a volunteer at her non-profit, had lost her home in the fire. Time went by and Nanette was unable to reach her. So, Nanette set out to find her friend. While searching for her friend, she saw first-hand the devastation of the Camp Fire. Luckily, her friend was located safely, and Nanette decided to create a caring event to help the fire victims. She set out to give those who had lost so much a caring holiday! Nanette researched the needs of the community and created a caring holiday event!

Some UCA Support

The UCA CARE team asked Nanette to share with us how she felt we could help the most. She explained that expectant mothers had lost everything in the fires – they had nothing for their newborns, no blankets, no clothes. We were told that the children had lost all of their toys and holiday cheer was in short supply. As a result, the UCA team of elves immediately swung into action! No baby item was left on the shelf! We bought baby sleepers, onesies, t-shirts, leggings, blankets, coats, socks, sweatpants, sweatshirts, pajamas and cozy clothes for toddlers. In addition, we also bought 80 gifts for children – backpacks, school supplies, plush animals so they would have something to hold, creative art kits and books.  Plus, we sent cheery Christmas decorations, notes of encouragement and … our hearts … we truly sent them our hearts.

A Caring Holiday Miracle

And so it was, on December 22 at the Eagle Lodge in Chico, California a holiday party was held. People who had lost everything came to celebrate the miracle of togetherness. Children sat on Santa’s lap and received their gifts. Families ate together and for a moment in time, caring filled a place in their hearts where fear and sadness had once taken hold.

Our hearts go out to all who suffered in the California fires this year. May they be cared for, supported and loved through the challenging days ahead as they rebuild their lives.  We are incredibly grateful to the firefighters and first responders that fearlessly serve and protect us all day after day. Our hearts are touched by all of the caring heroes in the world who miraculously appear when tragedy strikes. In tragedy, we are often reminded of the true value of caring. If there is caring in the world, we can never lose everything.

Feel Good News, Unified Caring Association

UCA Puts Kids in Caring Car Seats

When the team at UCA noticed that the Central Coast Kinship Center Foster and Adoptive Placement Program had a need on its wish list. This was the very basic safety item of car seats. We knew we had to help. After meeting, we decided to purchase all of the car seats they requested. Special care was given to select a high quality, best safety rated product that adjusts in size from newborn to toddler. Our friends at Kinship were thrilled to receive the gifts!

More than 50,000 children in California are waiting for a safe home and loving family that will be there for life. Kinship Center builds adoptive and other families where children can heal from past abuse, neglect or abandonment. This helps these children grow into healthy adults. They help 2,500 children each year. Most kids many others consider too difficult: severely traumatized children, older teenagers, children with disabilities, large sibling groups, and drug affected infants.

We feel happiest when we know that we can make a difference in the world through the promotion of caring. Unified Caring Association has other caring acts listed on their website in the Caring Action tab. We also love teaming up with nonprofits to support programs that line up with C. A. R. E.: Children, Animals, Reforestation, and Elderly. It says it all when we say at the top our our website, “Your life is what we care about.”

Would you like to read more about UCA and caring the UCA way? Read more feel-good articles on our other blogs!

UCA Puts Kids in Caring Car Seats

Sharing Caring, Unified Caring Association

World water day 22 nd March — Philosophy through Photography


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Annual Day of Caring — Life of Hayley


Monday was my company’s fourth annual Day of Caring. Every year on President’s Day all 125 of our employees have the opportunity to volunteer at a place of their choice instead of working. President’s Day is a bank holiday which means that the stock market is closed. I work in finance so bank holidays are […]

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Cloaked in Caring

Unified Caring Association’s Women Wishing Women Well clothing collection uses all proceeds from clothing sales to support women.  If an article of clothing remains in the store for 8 weeks and is not sold, UCA donates the clothing article to women who are in challenging situations, such as domestic violence, abandonment, fires, earthquakes and floods.

This month, our program was pleased to donate 3 full boxes of high-end women’s clothing to the Women Giving Back (WGB) charity in Sterling, Virginia. They were especially excited to receive the many plus sized garments that we sent, as they are often difficult to source.

WGB is a nonprofit clothing boutique providing a dignified shopping experience for at-risk women & children at no cost. WGB collects and distributes new or like-new clothing to women and children in Northern Virginia who are in transition or crisis. Working with the local shelters and care providers, WGB holds a monthly “store” on the second Saturday of every month to help these women and their children. UCA is happy to support the caring work of WGB.

We also donated 12 garments from our store to Choices, a smaller resource group for women in crisis in Mt. Shasta, CA.   Choices is a non-profit organization that helps to infuse real hope and real help into the lives of women, men, mamas, daddies, grandparents, their little ones and families in our local communities. Thanks for your caring work, Choices!


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UCA rewards students for caring

Since 2016, the Unified Caring Association Scholarship program has awarded over one hundred scholarships to caring students. The UCA scholarship program is designed to reward kids for caring while celebrating and encouraging their kindheartedness. Nationwide and program specific scholarships have been created by UCA where students are invited to write a short 500-word essay answering a caring prompt. Some examples of scholarship essay questions are, “How do you plan to live a life that promotes peace and Unity? How will you create the journey to fulfill this purpose?”, “ If you were the President of the United States, what would you do to promote Peace and Unity?” ,  “How can caring and kindness be implemented more in your personal life and in your school?” , and most recently, “If you were the “Caring Ambassador” at your school, what would you do to inspire other students to be more caring?” The UCA scholarship program has been warmly embraced by school guidance counsellors, teachers and students alike. As the students write beautiful essays on the topic of caring they engage their caring intelligence and skills and are reminded of the importance of kindness.

UCA staff report that each essay has its own beauty. “Our scholarship entrants touch our hearts with their caring essays. It is so hard to choose the winners! We have been known to add additional awards in recognition of their caring.”  

The essays are scored on a “caring rubric” rather than the traditional academic rubric most scholarship contests adhere to. This allows students who would not typically be awarded scholarships to be celebrated and awarded for their unique talent … caring and kindness.



Feel Good News, Unified Caring Association

We C.A.R.E.

UCA Provides Inspiration to Homeless and Trafficked Youth

The C in our CARE program stands for children, so when we learned about the caring work Covenant House does to support homeless and trafficked youth, we knew we needed to offer our support. Our first project with Covenant House was to provide a scholarship opportunity for their northern California clients. It was a wonderful experience for both the youth and our judges!  In fact, it was such a great experience, that we decided to offer another scholarship for the Hollywood California Covenant House Youth – also a wonderful experience. You can read the scholarship award winning essays of from these scholarship contests here: https://www.unifiedcaring.org/covenant-house-scholarship-winners/ and  https://www.unifiedcaring.org/covenant-house-hollywood-scholarship-winners/

After having become familiar with Covenant House through our scholarship program, we wanted to expand our support to their caring program by providing inspiration to their residential clients. We learned that the clients entering the Covenant House residential program come into the program with very few possessions – just what they can carry on the streets. They are often scared, hardened or jaded by their experiences on the streets and are in desperate need of encouraging words and inspiration.  Our team decided to give each client a small inspiring gift of inspirational daily messages to welcome them into the residential program. Decks of inspirational daily messages were sent off to Hollywood California Covenant House clients, and they were received with joy. Our warmest wishes go out to the youth of Covenant House.


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Enriching Lives and Communities with Education — Norah Colvin

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Education has the power to enrich lives. By education, I mean all of life’s experiences that contribute to learning. Sometimes these experiences occur in school. Mostly they don’t. Schooling is but a small part of ones’ education, and its ability to enrich varies depending on: an individual’s circumstances and attitudes to school and learning. the […]

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UCA Steps Up for Students

October 15, 2018
Redding, California
When Shasta County Office of Education (SCOE) made a plea for help on social media, UCA took notice.
Their students were in need of basic clothing items and shoes after the devastating Carr Fire. We knew we needed to help so the team at UCA kicked our caring into action! We immediately sent in a donation for $1000 to purchase shoes for students in need. SCOE administrators used our donation to purchase individual gift cards from local shoe retailers, Payless Shoes and Famous Footwear, and distributed them to the students. Thank you to Superintendent Flores for organizing this caring project!
The Carr Fire was a large wildfire that burned in Shasta and Trinity Counties in California. The fire burned 229,651 acres, before it was 100% contained on August 30 th . Fire destroyed at least 1,604 structures – at least 1,077 were homes.

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